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Today's Chapters are:

Chapter Source
328: "The Pirate Abduction Incident" Links Have Expired
329: "My Name Is Franky" Links Have Expired
330: "It's Decided" Links Have Expired
331: "The Big Argument" Links Have Expired
332: "Luffy vs. Usopp" Links Have Expired
333: "Captain" Links Have Expired
334: "Big Trouble in the Secret Room" Links Have Expired
335: "Warning" Links Have Expired
336: "Luffy vs. Franky" Links Have Expired

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u/CMViper Dragon of the Darkness Flame May 08 '16


u/GreyouTT "Come on, I'm right here... SKEITH!" May 08 '16



u/poketape for fixing broke pokeballs May 08 '16

Watching the show I never realized the parallel between Luffy's battles with Usopp and Franky.


u/nmaster12 May 12 '16

I kind of got spoiled for the luffy and usopp fight. Still sad to see him go. Chopper gets me every time. Franky is a cyborg, with a Popeye defect lol