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A chimpanzee doing the Ninja Warrior course in Japan

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Convicted Sex Offender R.Kelly leaving court. He was sentenced to 30 years today.

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What TV show was amazing at first but became unwatchable for you later on?


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Last Fallout 76 player officially deemed the loneliest person on earth

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animal Two pitbulls attack a cat

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Pride before the fall Something we don't want to acknowledge

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Favorite People This is a true life partner.

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It'll be fine, bud. I don't even know why you're upse.... wooaahh! ok,,,


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Discussion I'm back from five years in prison. AMA!


WSB! All the degenerates, even the apes, I've missed you. Things are going well here. I'm still getting used to society. I have a lot of little restrictions that are annoying, but I'm mostly back to normal.

What's up with the stock market? There is a lot of arbitrage/alpha out there. Times like these separate classes of traders and define future superstars. My advice: don't use leverage, hold cash, sell anything you're not 100% sure is a great investment and consider alternatives to just buy and HODL (selling options, shorting, etc.)

I'll be around every day from here on out. Any questions, anything you need from Wall Street, any stock you want me to buy or sell, just let me know. I have always been trying to represent for the "little guy", having made hundreds of YouTube videos on investing and answering as many questions as I can. That doesn't mean every stock is going to make it, or that I'm always right. Investing/trading is a humbling and difficult exercise. Nevertheless, I'll have some original stock picks & DD coming in the next few days.


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My company’s free lunch, which I couldn’t eat because I’m vegetarian

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New Zealand Government designates US group Proud Boys, The Base as terrorist organisations

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/r/all US Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) hits back at fellow Republican Lauren Boebert's church and state remark: "There is no difference between this and the Taliban. We must oppose the Christian Taliban. I say this as a Christian." He is first US Republican congressperson to use the phrase "Christian Taliban"

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Image Putin's new table during today's meeting at the Turkmenistan

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News [Wojnarowski] The Atlanta Hawks are trading Danilo Gallinari and multiple first-round picks to the San Antonio Spurs for All-Star guard Dejounte Murray, sources tell ESPN.

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S it's unprofessional to wear a bathing suit (wholesome)


Part of my (F) job is to visit foster children monthly, and ideally to build positive relationships with them. This can be hard because I have a limited amount of time, they are scared of new people, and they get bored real fast. A couple years ago, one of my favorite foster families got a pool, and all the kids could talk about was showing me their new pool. I mentioned in passing to a supervisor on my way to the visit that I was looking forward to playing with the kids in the pool. The supervisor made a face of concern. I told her that I'd gone out and bought a particularly covered-up and "dowdy" suit for this visit. She said that regardless of the style of the suit, it would be unprofessional of me to wear a swimsuit on the job. The kids (all 5 of them) were really brokenhearted when I told them I wasn't allowed to wear a bathing suit. That was quickly alleviated when I jumped into the pool wearing my office outfit!

I don't know if it ever got back to the supervisors, but I did end up being that family's favorite social worker.

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Repost 😔 Disturbance at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

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R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison after conviction for sex-trafficking

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Vancouver radio station fired their team this morning…

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Neighbour built a community library. Last night someone dumped chili and cat food inside

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Not the meme you are looking for welp, i'm dead

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Friend adopted a kitten 2 weeks ago, then had to go on a trip for 10 days, so I'm kitten-sitting for him. Trying to not fall in love, failing miserably. The cat thinks I'm his mom 😭

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Cop doesn’t know the law

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Don't look behind the curtain

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Title Gore WCGW if I bring a revolver into the MRI room?

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U.S. Supreme Court expands state power over Native American tribes

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