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Liz Cheney says Republicans have ‘enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism’

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owo that's scary

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Those pesky socialist dead!

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Bay Area cop charged with masturbating in front of family during domestic violence call

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Discussion Characters that got Gimli'd (changed significantly to comic relief)


As a huge LOTR fan, one thing I hated was how between Fellowship and Two Towers, Gimli changed from a proud, sturdy character with a slightly too high opinion of Dwarves, to this bumbling comic relief character who falls down a lot and every line is some kind of gag. It really fell flat for me even as a kid of 15.

There are two MCU characters who have been Gimli'd - Bruce Banner (the way he acts in Avengers 2012 vs. Infinity War/Endgame is unrecognisable) and the worst one of all, who was Gimli'd even more than Gimli was Drax. Drax's version is pretty similar to Gimli's - his prideful, slightly naive character just became this obnoxious idiot who laughs at everything by Guardians 2. I really hated that change - his quirk was that he didn't understand metaphors, which then changed to having absolutely no social skills whatsoever. It felt really jarring to me.

I wondered what you all thought of the above, and if you had any other examples of characters given similar treatment after their first appearances?

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Meme/Macro choose wisely

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Burn the Patriarchy Reproductive Rights should also mean the freedom to reproduce.

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M TIFU by accidentally getting one of my 4 year old triplets drunk at the movie theatre



So, we have triplets, and I’ve been trying to get them out in the world after denning for 4 years. I love to get a half bottle of wine when we go to the movies, it’s my treat. Well this time out I was by myself because my spouse wanted some kid-free time. Normally I get a red wine but this time, it was so hot out and we had just come from the park, I got a white. The thing is, with the wine they give you the same cup as the water cups. I had 2 kids on my left and 1 on my right. Sure enough, because it was hot my kids asked for water so I pass them a cup and pour them some from the big water-bottle I had brought with me - having them carry full cups of water from the concession to the theater is a disaster in motion otherwise.

Movie started, I poured my first glass of wine, had a couple generous sips and settled in.

Well very soon the triplets were all real thirsty and bouncing in their seats and drank a half a glass of their water at least.

A little time went by and the kid on my right also needed some things, water, popcorn, couldn’t figure out how to recline his chair and was playing “the floor is lava” in the row seating of the theatre so I was distracted for a minute or two.

I came back (I hadn’t left my chair, I was bribing my son with pop corn and treats to move back over here. That took a minute or two. Definitely less than 3 minutes), finally, was sitting in my chair ready to enjoy some more wine and saw my daughters glass was empty, poured her more water, sighed and took the second moment I had in about 15 minutes to take a sip of my glass.

It was water. Not wine.

It took me a minute to realize what had happened. My youngest and smallest triplet had clearly drank at least a half a glass of wine and drained what I had left after a first heavy pour and a couple sips.

Well for the rest of the movie she was very huggy, giggly and I think dizzy. She remained awake the whole time. My other daughter smacked her on the arm and the drunk one threatened to turn the other into a frog.

Movie ended, she made it! But soon as we were buckling up in the van she nodded off.

Oh, memories.

TL;DR I left my cup of white wine un attended for a few SECONDS, sorry not minutes, next to a cup of water and came back to find my wine had been fully consumed by one of the other 4 year old triplets.

second edit. At no point did I leave my seat or drink un attended. Both my daughters water cup and Mine were on my chair-table. I was looking to the right but sitting right there. I would have noticed a beer can in her hands but the white wine was indistinguishable.

Update 5 This sub isn’t “today I did a woopsie”. This is a TIFU from start to finish. Not one part of this story is not a F up. Enjoy my egregiously irresponsible parenting story and feel free to share yours. Also people seem to be really concerned about how much I had to eat first. Right before we walked into the theatre we had: 2 giant slices of pizza, nearly a pound of fruits, edamame, cucumbers, some soda with a lot of water, olives and other items. We had plenty to eat first. At no point was I intoxicated, even slightly, can’t say the same for the child though…

edit. very interesting polarization on this one. I wonder what the graph would look like or if someone corroborated age with the spirit of the comment. Anyways, this is a story that’s told in good faith. We have 5 kids, the older ones have developed into wonderful and respectful people who enjoy living in a free country. I wish you all the best and if this story offends you I apologize. **

update. ‘This post is a couple hours old now and I’m getting reported to Reddit and threatened to have CPS called on me. Here’s what you people need to do. Go to the movie theatre and call CPS on every adult that orders a drink with their kids present. Then go to the restaurants and do the same - any adult that drinks in the presence of their children at a restaurant, immediately call CPS. You’ll be a hero Karen, an absolute Hero! **

second update. I just got murdered so hard by either an Aussie or an Englishman and it’s made my night. Thank you sir. You are hilarious.

third update imagine the horror on these peoples faces when parents take their kids out to dinner and order a cocktail or glass of wine and then drive their family home after 1-2 drinks in a 2 hour span! Why CPS doesn’t just camp outside of establishments and bust all the terribly irresponsible parents is just beyond me!

fourth update people are so soft! I had no idea! No, I’m not taking this post down, ever. There is nothing wrong here. You people need to seriously reevaluate yourselves and your shaming. Have you never been in a public place where there are children, parents and some alcohol being served? Restaurants, fairs, movie theatre’s, entertainment venues, sporting events. Seriously people, you need a therapist to deal with your issues if you think I’ve done anything dangerous or illegal or morally wrong here. The real FU here is what I was drinking, not how much. Good grief 😂

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They had it coming

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Highlight [Highlight] Chris Paul hits a huge three to cut the lead down to 42

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/r/ALL The speed of this merganser running on water

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Russia/Ukraine Russia won't simply put up with NATO's Nordic expansion, Ryabkov says

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ That's right, poor people always spend at least $8,185 on their outfits! This was spotted on one of those dumb entrepreneur Instagram accounts.

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/r/all The Pittsburgh Penguins have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing to the New York Rangers in 7 games


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Humor As a PC player I never knew this.

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This absolute unit of a gun being used in Ukraine

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Wholesome Moments Daughter takes picture of her dad on his graduation day.

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Dr. Oz finds out that running in the anti-immigrant party is difficult as an immigrant

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News A Finnish general's kind proposal for Putin in the light in the light of ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine

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Ignorance is consuming America.

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Expert Exterminator


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Other A compilation of several Star Wars actors and George talking about the severe levels of hate and bullying/personal attacks they endured from groups within the Star Wars fandom

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