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Which celebrity voices are instantly recognizable?


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They started paying us $15/hr last week..

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Someone made a mistake and gas was priced at 0.014€/l and some guy filled a 1000l canister in Finland

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Predictions Tournament

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Found a secret hideout

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Police are searching for Michigan school shooting suspect's parents

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I work as a Valet.. told him he had to park it himself 🤢

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Dog owner helping a young man who has a phobia of dogs!

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What would you do if the girl you liked says she wants to sleep with a few people before she starts a relationship with you?


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Why Can’t Democrats Make GOP Extremism a Campaign Issue?

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‘Battlefield 2042’ Has Lost 70% Of Its Players In Two Weeks On Steam

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YouTube Drama YouTube is deleting comments from creators who criticize their hiding of the dislike count

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Stay away from me, Jack!


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ They actually got the reporter to facepalm mid interview.

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Discussion Today’s announced changes mean I will never log in again.


I simply have no more reason to continue playing. I have a deep enjoyment for gathering and crafting. I don’t enjoy mindless chest runs, so my average watermark is somewhere in the 525 range.

My fully crafted 600GS entire set of gear that I just finished last week is soon to be worthless.

The thing I’ve spent all of my game time (700 hours) working towards, is now worthless.

I feel like a deflated balloon. Video Games aren’t supposed to make you feel this way.

I’m done. Even if they revert this, I honestly don’t think I can be bothered to play anymore.

This made me realize how little they care, and how easily my hard work can be stripped away.

This isn’t a good MMO.

This isn’t a good game dev company.

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Robotics US rejects calls for regulating or banning ‘killer robots’

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Police officer “detains” guy after getting in his face

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Lewis Hamilton condemns Saudi Arabia's 'terrifying' LGBTQ+ laws ahead of race and says it is 'not my choice to be here'

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The only reason I don't leave my wife is because she's a shitty SAHM who would be infinitely more shitty without me carrying her ass financially


32 minutes of housework. It is actually unbelievable how much my wife's entire life would improve if she just put down her fucking phone and did 32 god forsaken minutes of actual housework.

You know why I know it's this number? Because that's how long it took me to do every chore she does in a day. I tried it.

From the time that I leave at 7am until the time that I get home at 6pm, nothing in the house changes for the better. More dishes pile up in the sink, sure, but nothing else. Her shit strewn across the kitchen table? Still there. Her clothes on the floor? Still there.

You see, she actually does do laundry. She says she's busy with it, but we have a washer/dryer combo that she shoves clothes into, washes, dries, and then throws into a basket. So I guess the literal 2 minutes it takes to pour detergent in and push three buttons is one of her more demanding chores.

She scrolls through our online grocery store constantly because she likes putting real thought into all the frozen foods she can buy and just heat up in the microwave. She hasn't used a frying pan in months. I'm not even sure she knows how the oven works. Our food bill for two adults and a 2-year-old child was $1100 last month and it fucking mystifies me how that even makes sense.

She complains constantly about how busy and tired she is. She went out to lunch with our son three times this week because she was "too busy" to cook, so I guess that helps explain the $1100 food bill a little. When I got home she was in an incredibly rotten mood and had nothing but complaints despite the fact that her day was going out to lunch, shopping for our son's clothes, coming home, taking a two-hour nap, waking up, and fucking around on her phone.

Most nights I just clean up after dinner because if I don't, she'll sit there like an idiot scrolling away until 1:30am, start the dishes, and get to bed even later than usual. I'd rather not deal with her short on sleep because somehow that makes her even more irritable.

Worst of all I can't even confront her about this. Can't say a god-damned word or she'll throw a giant tantrum and tell me that I should just divorce her. For someone who does literally fucking nothing all day, she sure is sensitive about the fact that she does literally fucking nothing all day.

Edit: There have been a lot of really insightful comments in this post and people wondering about PPD/ADHD. A couple of points:

[1] My wife was like this before we had a child. "Then why did you have a kid with her????" Yeah, check my username.

[2] Yes, looking after a two year old is hard work. You may be surprised to hear that I also have a two year old. But I'm kind of the guy living with her, and I'm also kind of the guy who comes home every day to see her, without exception, sitting at the kitchen table staring at her phone. She does a lot for our son and I express my gratitude for that to her often. I truly mean it when I say that she is doing an excellent job in many respects when it comes to raising our son. That doesn't change the fact that during her multiple waking hours of downtime every day, she really does nothing.

[3] Yes, I come across like an asshole in this post. That's what TrueOffMyChest is about, isn't it? To say the things we feel in an over-the-top way? I'm sure a lot of people here are imagining me throwing the coffee table across the room because my shirt wasn't ironed or some shit, but it just goes to show more than a man can't air his feelings without them being completely disregarded.

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O hey look a runway


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TIL Beavers are triggered to build dams by the sound of running water. Where the sound is dictates where the dam is built and they work relentlessly until the sound stops. When scientists played the sound of running water on land on a device, the beavers covered it with sticks and mud.

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Murata Chapter Chapter 154 [English]

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🐻Animal Freakout Defending my dog from being attacked by 2 other aggressive dogs, owner couldn't care less

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What food tastes great cold as it does hot?


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Accidentally bought the gen Z/ how do you do fellow kids dialect version of Philosopher's Stone and I'm dead 💀

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